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Watergarden Entertainment Center & Shopping Mall
Ataşehir Istanbul

Watergarden is a unique entertainment park & gastronomy hub located in Batı Ataşehir, Istanbul. The Project took an innovative approach to differentiate itself from the competition by concentrating on gastronomy, entertainment, cultural events.


The center of attraction of the place is the one of a kind, huge musical show fountain with 5.000 m2, offering visitors musical shows with dancing flames by water-jet up to 40mt. & laser show, all surrounded by high-end restaurants, bistros, and cafes.


Apart from this, the Project also offers an Organic Bazaar, Nostalgia Street, movie theaters w/ ten screens, a theatre saloon, a live music arena with a capacity of 4.000 people, clubs, a culinary arts academy, a sports center, a bowling hall, kids club playing area, and a nursery. Project Management services carried out as consultant.

Employer: Ziylan GYO

Concept and Master Plan: T - Concept (NED)

Investment amount: Undisclosed 

Total Construction area: 160.000 m2

Building Footprint: 15.000 m2

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