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Efes Karaganda Brewery
Almaty / Kazakhstan
Constructed on an area of 150.000 m2, with in a distance of 20 kms. to the Almaty City center, Kazakhstan. The building was designed on the basis of the machinery and equipment of the “Dom Brewery” in Germany, which was dismantled and adopted for use in this Project.

Following construction methods have been used:

Steel building structure

R.C. Pile foundations

Conventional heavy reinforced concrete construction Cold rolled, coil coated metal roofing and facade cladding systems high standard finishing system and electro–mechanical systems.


Facilities :

Main building where administration, production, filling and storage functions are gathered under a single roof: 13.600 m2

Steam center: 400m2

Cylindrical steel malt silos: 2 x 3.000 m3

Waste water treatment facility:

Reinforced facility build on 2.500 m2 area with a capacity of 2000 tons / day

Investment amount: 32.000.000 USD

Construction area: 16.000 m2

Building ground area: 14.000 m2

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