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Construction Plans
Preconstruction Planning |
Technical Due Diligence

As a design/engineering consultant

for over 40 years, we'll add value and increase your ROI's through our know-how and expertise on a basis of consultancy model for the preplanning, technical due diligence, feasibility studies and constructability analysis. 

Addressing areas of risk, mitigating them timely, identifying areas for cost savings at early stages by design optmization would add real value, consequently reduce claims at construction&operational period.

Architectural Modelling
Project | Construction | Contract Management

YonetimTeknik teams known for their agility for mobilizing their expertise and utilizing their know-how for successful delivery of the projects within quality, time & budget targets, by ensuring the Contractor fulfill needs and requirements of the Client.

Services are ranging from day to day project and construction management to monthly progress monitoring, Lender's Advisory Service, Third Party Independent Design Verification all depending on the need of the Client.

Construction Site
Engineering Procurement | Construction

YonetimTeknik assumes design and/or construction risks of a project based on international contracts as FIDIC Red/Yellow/ Silver Books, and similarly work under country specific contracts or standard contracts of our Clients.

Value engineering services are considered as one of the major areas Yonetim Teknik specialized and our Clients benefit by taking this whole life-cycle approach and acheiving an improved return on investment.



Yönetim Teknik was founded in 1993 by Türker Keremoğlu (METU, arch.71’) who currently serves as the founder & managing partner. His background and experience in the industry both as a leading architect in the design office and as the project leader on-site defined the progress of YonetimTeknik throughout the years.

International project management & EPC experience primarily developed in CIS & Eastern Europe since 1993, had played an important role in the company’s leap. Specialized engineers, architects, and project staff have teamed up and delivered over 45 projects, and their success has brought a well-deserved credible reputation.

Yonetim Teknik know-how is built on the following:

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Hotel and Convention Centers

  • Industrial Facilities and Brown/Greenfield Investment

  • Shopping Centers &  Mixed-Use Projects

  • Residential & Office Projects

In 28 years, Yonetim Teknik had managed to differentiate itself in the market as a credible long-term strategic partner for delivering successful projects for industry leaders and prestigious clients with value-generating results.






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